Wheels Make Wishes - Caitlin’s Story


Caitlin, 11
Life-threatening autoimmune disorder
I wish to go to New York City


Eleven-year-old Caitlin knows a lot about patience. She’s been battling an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder since 2015, resulting in many long hospitalizations and few conclusive medical answers.

Despite everything, Caitlin has remained passionate about theater, especially Broadway musicals. She loves to watch them as well as perform in a local theater group. She’s also an avid reader who loves to get lost in stories.

Caitlin was at school eating lunch when she found out she would receive a wish.

What do you think she did when she found out she’d receive a wish? She promptly burst into tears… of JOY (see video below).

For Caitlin, a wish represented the chance to focus on her love of life rather than her medical challenges.

Theater-lover that she is, Caitlin wished to travel to New York City… to see her favorite show, Wicked.

And, that’s exactly what she did this summer! Caitlin visited the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building as well as toured the Natural History Museum and Central Park.

Best of all, Caitlin went to see Wicked on Broadway in the Gershwin Theatre with her whole family.

"Wicked made her light up and glow," said wish mom, Renee.

Caitlin’s wish gave her a break from the stress of her medical condition, replacing darkness with the bright city lights of New York City—and catchy tunes from Wicked to guide the way.

Special Thanks: Make-A-Wish Metro New York and Western New York, Cast & crew from Wicked, wish-granting volunteers Angela O’Meara and Todd McLaughlin

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