Wheels Make Wishes - Jack’s Story


“We had no idea Jack was sick until he suddenly went into cardiac arrest during gym class. That morning I said goodbye like I always do.

The next time I saw my son he was in the emergency completely unresponsive while a team of doctors and nurses were fighting for his life.

Jack was in a coma for some time. When Jack was finally strong enough doctors inserted a defibrillator/pacemaker. Genetic testing later revealed that Jack has a rare genetic condition that can cause sudden cardiac arrest, and unfortunately, there is no cure.

While Jack can no longer play contact sports, he does love to spend his spare time playing in his grandpa’s old ‘68 Ford truck. Since his grandpa passed away, Jack has cherished his time in the truck even more. For past birthdays and holidays Jack asked for small improvements for his truck like new windshield wipers and a seat cover. Now, Make-A-Wish has granted his wish of having the truck restored, so Jack can spend time with his friends and continue to feel close to his grandpa”

–Jennie, Jack’s mom

Please enjoy this video sharing the moment Jack saw his newly restored truck for the first time:

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