Wheels Make Wishes - Sawyer’s Story


Sawyer, 3, To have a chicken coop and chickens

While three-year-old Sawyer had an extended hospital stay during cancer treatment, he worried about his beloved chickens at home—Fluffy, Snowflake and Rotisserie. Without a proper coop, he worried they’d be raided by a fox. To pass the time, Sawyer watched YouTube videos of chickens. He loved watching them move, and he couldn’t wait to be back at home cuddling with his own chickens. He dreamed of someday having a special “chicken coop mansion.”

When Sawyer learned he would receive a wish, he knew right away what he wanted: more chickens and a coop to keep them safe. It’s not every day that a request for chickens pops up in the Make-A-Wish office. Wish coordinator, Lauren Davies said, “I’m no chicken expert.” She knew right away that she’d have to work with Sawyer’s wish-granting volunteers to find people in the community with knowledge who could help. Little did they know the kind of chicken generosity they would encounter.

After some research, they found Carolina Coops, a custom chicken coop company, who quickly offered to donate Sawyer’s “chicken mansion.” This New York-based company planned to ship the coop to Washington, but it would still need to be assembled once it arrived.

That’s where the Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis Club came in. Passionate about service projects for the community, they immediately agreed to provide labor to build the chicken coop. For the Kiwanis club, it wasn’t just about assembling the coop. It was about making a positive difference for a deserving child.

“To see Sawyer’s joy and to see the joy and gratification from the Kiwanis members who were able to be involved. This little kid is fighting for his life, and we’re in the position to build him a chicken coop,” said Rozanne Tucker, member of the Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis Club.

Home Depot donated funds to help build a fence around Sawyer’s coop, and employees came out to assemble the fence. A former wish family helped to get chickens donated, and others stepped in to donate feed. “Every time I coordinate an unusual wish, I’m so inspired by the people who are willing to donate their resources or skills,” said Lauren Davies. On the day Sawyer’s wish came true, the community pounded nails and worked hard to build the chicken mansion.

Meanwhile, Sawyer wasn’t thinking about his leukemia treatments that would happen for another two years. He was too busy cuddling his new chicken friends, and getting ready to move them into their new home. Want to meet just a few of the generous community members behind Sawyer’s wish? Watch his wish video now:

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